Unit 3

Reflection questions


I have foud the Facebook and Twitter much more user friendly being guided through the PLN. I alredy ahd Facebook but only for Pintrest, and Twitter was not on my radar. I have found that i am using facebook basically and have used Twitter once at aconference only to have to link fail, i tried. Having more information of Facebook in a positive light has allowed me to see that it could and does get used positive;y as myy early introduction was cryig teenagers who ahd been bullied. The positives far out way the negetives, just the other day our school library was flooded and out newlysavvy librarian popped a few photos and an update on Facebook only to have 200 followers login to the library page, what a great information tool.

I find the Facebook easier to us as I find the language that is used on Twitter quite confusing. I have no objection to the school having a facebook blocked as i see students using it more as a distraction, but using to share information and resources so students have some support outside of school hours.


Unit 2 organisational tools

This unit has been a bit of work to get through as there has been a number of things to do which were all very new. I have mastered evernote and am loving evernote on the iPad. I have had some difficulty getting onto evernote on the computer which is weird but I will try again today as i need to link my first evernote note. I have set up my favorites bar which i was already using but i had many random unused things there and i was able to move them to diigo and evernote depending on the need. I have found that it is easier to have the computer and the iPad going at the same time so i can continue through tutorials without switching screens back and forward.

Currently i am not that organised but my favorites always gets a bit of a work out and i am currently using Pinterest to collect a series of visual things for my practical classes and interest at home. Over the break I have collected a heap of great ideas for my textiles classes which has been really fun and inspiring and i can easily bring this stuff up when needed. Currently my email is the primary tool for sharing but unit 2 has given many new ideas to streamline info sharing.

I believe that it’s important to teach student organisational techniques as they are really bad at keeping things organised and being able to recall past work and resources. setting up work on evernote or edmodo would enable all students the access to the same information and it would cut down on so much paper.

I feel that much more information is being stored online which makes its even more important to have an organised system to store it and be able to recall when needed. I am currently (in conjunction with our timetabler)trying to set up an online data base of our students subject selections from year 7-12 so that individual students can be tracked and the information is easily updated and accessed. we have had a paper system for years which has been effective but needs change due to the change in the students subject selections.

I am really getting into this now

I’ll keep you posted!!


Hello it’s me, again

I’m Gabby Theologous leading teaching at Timboon P-12 School. I begun my journey as an educator  the Career Change Program.( I was Chef in  former life.) I teach 7-12 Home Economics, Textiles, Homegroup, and VCAL. We are a rural school with approx. 500 students. My experience with Web 2.0 tools is limited but I can navigate my way around easily. So far the instructions are simple nd easy to follow and I am just having difficulty finding time and keeping up. Others from our school and currently completing the PLN and we have formed a bit of a support group and we are currently catching up in the holidays. I have Facebook but rarely use it as has much bad press within a school setting as students are not thinking about the broader consequences.

My current Personal Learning Network consists of my colleagues at my school and surrounding schools as we are a rural school we need to keep networks with teachers from other schools from like subject areas. I currently communicate with the fellow teachers from my Career Change Program as we are all new teachers who have come from industry into education. We formed an online blog to share our ups and downs to keep each other on track, six years in and I still link with many over the years.

I have also just begun a Graduate Certificate in Career Development and Education online through RMIT. All of the learning notes and resources are at your fingertips whenever required. We have scheduled Collaborate sessions to touch base with teachers and other students. I find this a fantastic way to study as I can tune in whenever it suits my heavy schedule. So I guess my knowledge and skills within the online network are broader than I thought.

The goal for me while completing this course is to become more broad with my networks and to connect online with my colleagues at school. I m using the PLN at a focus for my Grad Cert Course to update my technology skills, so I am able to complete this course and reflect on my learning for both of the programs. I great because I got my knickers in a twist about how i was going to manage both online programs but now I have linked them I feel much better about successful achievement.

By the end of the year I will feel content if I successfully completed the Grad Cert and utilised some of the technology into our school. With the number of staff completing the PLN we should be able to introduce new technology. I am keen to set up a blog for my classes and also use my personal blog to reflect on my practise. It hard to say what I plan to do until I know what it is I’m going to learn and where it will take me.

Today I have set aside some quiet time and the words have flowed freer…


Term 1, Phew!!!

Term 1 has been a whirlwind start to 2013. We have had numerous events such as swimming, running, cricket, debutanate balls and much much more. We have learnt many new things, new changes, new positions, new subjects, new students, new technology.We have survived, well just. I am just fitting the edmodo units in and needing a buddy to work through some things with! I need more time. I have so far found all of the edmodo info to be straight forward and achievable.

I feel a little weird just waffling on and wondering who could be bothered to read it. Then a htink of on of my favorite movies, Julie and Julia, but I still don’t quite have a purpose for this blog, but for the class this would be a great tool for interacting with the students. Sharing ideas, clrifying information, giving updates or extra information, WOW!! I’m having a brainwave as i type. I going to think some more and I will get back to you…..